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How To Jump Start Your Fitness Goals In 2018 Lose Your Excuses and Gain a Healthier Body


Happy New Year!

The energy feels good and I’m excited about what the year ahead will bring. I know sometimes it’s hard to get those goals started. With that being said, I say, start small. Getting fit or losing weight (or any goal) is about making that vision a reality and sometimes it’s hard.

I’ve heard it all,

“I just don’t have the time”

“I’m too big”

“I don’t need to sit in a chair to exercise, I can stand”

Well let me give you my standard responses,

“I just don’t have the time” - “Do you have 5-10 minutes to do a section or two of a video from your phone while you’re waiting for someone or while you’re at your desk? My videos and downloads provide you with quick easy workouts that you can tailor to fit your busy lifestyle.”

“I’m too big” - “Let’s ease into exercise with one of the video segments - just 5-10 minutes to get things moving. It will get easier as we continue doing it but you owe it to yourself to have 5-10 minutes.”

“I don’t need to sit in a chair to exercise, I can stand” - “I created chair dancing fitness after a dance injury so that I could stay in shape. So whether you’re young, old, need a chair, can stand, want to use weights, or don’t need them, my videos allow you to customize your workout.”

I just hired a new team member and she told me that when she heard my company name, she giggled and thought it was another type of “chair dancing” but after she researched it a bit, she was excited about what our company had to offer - fitness and fun for ALL, at every level. As a lap-band patient, she had trouble with her relationship with food and sticking with her fitness goals but giving a few of my videos a try with her daughters, started her (AND her daughters) on their way to fulfilling mom's goal to stay fit and not making it about losing weight.

So did you catch it? It was the last part about not making it too big of a goal that you are setting yourself up to fail, BUT making the first step a small one then building on it.

Our videos and exercises were designed to help not only seniors but those who have fitness and healthy lifestyle as a goal, accomplish this task. K.I.S.S. - remember this acronym from the past, Keep It Simple Stupid (probably not very PC these days) but you get what it’s trying to tell you.

Keep it simple. You can do it! I’ve seen people from all fitness levels start my system and make it work for their goals. The first step is believing in yourself and I believe you can do it. Keep your fitness goals (or other goals) simple and break them down in steps. You’ll see it makes it easier to keep you motivated.

Contact me or May, my new team member, with questions or how we can help you get started with your fitness goals. Don’t forget our 20% off New Year’s special ends 1/15/18. Visit our site to order your DVD or purchase your download.

Jodi Stolove

Fitness Coach

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