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Success Stories from Real People using Chair Dancing Fitness

We love hearing how Chair Dancing Fitness has helped you reach goals, reduce blood pressure, control illness, prepare for surgery, and live a more fulfiling life. Your stories inspire us and help others.

High Blood Pressure & Diabetes Improve with Chair Workout*

       Before                     After

before-weightloss.jpg   after-weightloss.jpg ... "I lost weight, my blood pressure dropped, my blood sugar levels were so low for such an extended period of time I was able to give up my medication all together. I share my story as often as possible so that people with restrictions, who are unable to exercise in a traditional way, will find out that they too can be helped."   >>> read more of JoAnn's story

Gentle Exercise for Arthritic joints*

       Before                      After

before-chairdancing-wilma.jpg    after-chairdancing-wilma.jpg "I have an artificial knee and my other knee is arthritic. Chair Dancing is the perfect solution for me since high impact aerobics would be impossible. I have more energy than I've had in many years and I sleep better. In addition, the swelling in my arthritic knee has reduced and I can climb up and down stairs like a normal person."   >>> read all of Wilma's story

Fitness DVD for Gastric Bypass/Bariatric Surgery*

          Before               After

before-after-miriam.jpg "I will be undergoing gastric bypass surgery ... I am currently on an 8-week pre-op program which includes daily exercise. ... I inwardly groaned at the thought of having to exercise daily because I do have back pain... However, I feel wonderful after working out with you!"   >>> Miriam's Full Story

Seated Exercise Hypothyroidism, Strained Joints*

       Before                  After

before-weightloss-karen.jpgafter-weightloss-karen.jpg I have been over weight all my life and on thyroid meds since I was 18. I am 46 and after 2 rough years of taking care of a dying in-law and many years of taking care of everyone else but me, March 27th changed me. I started your sit and tone, then order more and since then  I feel better about myself and I have lost 46 lbs. ... Since I was so large and still am I needed exercise that wouldn't put strain on my knees and ankles."   >>> read more of Karen's story

Massive Weight Loss Begins with Seated Fitness Program*

     Before                     After

weight-loss-before.jpg   weight-loss-after.jpgToo heavy to exercise, needing a scooter to get about, osteo arthritis in both knees and hips ... "I started on the very gentle Sit down and Tone Up and now I have graduated to doing the Chair Cha Cha which is great fun trying to coordinate the arm and leg movements but also very good aerobic exercise as well as muscle toning..."   >>> read more of Ann's story

Lift weights, Keep your Shape, Fight Fat and Cancer!*

     Before                     After

gayle-before-weight-lifting.jpggayle-after-weight-lifting.jpg "... At age fifty-eight, my free spirited exercise program was clearly lacking and I was searching for something more ... I had a real aversion to exercising in a chair, feeling that I was way to fit (and cool) for that! ... I am reducing my fat, micro-managing muscle building for the first time ever, and feeling much stronger and balanced, while helping my body to remain cancer free and healthy. Chair Dancing Fitness can be cool! And you don’t have to be confined to the chair."   >>> read all of Gayle's story

Great Exercise for Octogenarian and family!*

It's nearly impossible to find an exercise routine for one individual, let alone an octogenarian with rheumatism and a short attention span, a septuagenarian with Fibromyalgia and a quadragenarian with degenerative diseases.

Although we could all benefit from any type of exercise, low impact and core strengthening are a must for us.

We were so fortunate to see Chair Dancing Fitness (Chair Yoga and Sit Down and Tone Up) on QVC. We are so happy with the 2-pack from QVC and eager to try Jodi's other programs. >>> read all about The Gonzales Family story 

Rehabilitation chair exercise for Knee Injuries - Strengthen while Recovering*

"We are, and have been, active adults who developed problems as we matured. Due to tennis knees, my husband found this level of activity suits him very well... I personally have recovered from double knee surgery... The calendar tells me we are senior citizens at age 83 and 80, we just don't feel it.   >>> read all of Betty & Monte's story

No More Aches & Pains! Chair dancing from my Wheel Chair for a Happy Life!*

I just wanted to tell you that your DVD's have changed my life. My attitude is more positive, feeling better all around and not having the aches and pains that I have had for years.  I am a disabled person who cannot walk and uses an electric wheelchair to get around and my husband is my caregiver.   >>> read all of Karen's story

Low impact Aerobics Exercise for Weight Loss*

I found Jodi's Sit Down and Tone Up while googling some lower impact things ... I am 34 years old and started the program on 11/27/11 weighing in at 361.8 pounds - I have done eleven sessions with Sit Down and Tone up I am actually proud of my progress ... and for the FIRST time EVER I have results of toning in my upper thighs, upper abdomen, sides, backs of my arm, my actual back and my derriere.   >>> read more of Sam's story

Seated Fitness for Diabetic Neuropathy Foot Problems*

"I have neuropathy (a very painful nerve condition) in my feet and am unable to stand for long periods of time. ... In the five months I have been "chairdancing" (along with watching my diet), I have lost 35 pounds and feel absolutely great!! ... I am 63 years old, but feel 43 right now!"   >>> read all of Jean's story

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