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With a childhood passion for dance, Ms. Stolove has been devoted to teaching dance and fitness for more than thirty years. A Cum Laude graduate of the University of Michigan, her dance and exercise training skills have been enriched by her Master’s Degree education in Counseling Psychology.

The Chair Dancing® Fitness concept was born, when a fractured foot forced Ms. Stolove to conduct her dance and aerobic classes from a chair. Creativity born of necessity, resulted in her developing unique seated fitness programs combining the pleasure of exercise, dance, and music. While she “sat down” to bring exercise to meet the needs of anyone wanting to embrace exercise, the fitness industry took notice.

Chair Dancing® Fitness provides convenient and effective fitness routines done while comfortably seated. An alternative to high impact aerobics and gym workouts, Chair Dancing® Fitness improves muscle tone, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. These medically sound programs are a fitness option for active people or those whose physical condition, restricted mobility or age, limit their participation in conventional forms of exercise.

Prominent health care facilities, including Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers, Eisenhower Medical Center, Scripps Clinic, and The Mayo Clinic, have offered this fitness alternative. The Chair Dancing® Fitness videos received a “Best Buy” award by Consumer Digest.

Chair Dancing® Fitness has been featured nationally on the Today Show, CBS This Morning, Barbara Walters’ The View, Crook & Chase, Howie Mandel, and on News programs around the country. Ms. Stolove’s creation has been acclaimed in publications including The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, The Miami Herald, The Seattle Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Union-Tribune Newspapers, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Mature Outlook, Weight Watcher’s, and Parade Magazines. Her Nationwide exposure increased when in 2007 she became a guest fitness expert and began selling her product line on QVC.

Now at 64 years of age, Ms. Stolove has rebranded her concept to:  "On Your Seat or On Your Feet!" 

The option of sitting or standing gives every BODY an "excuse-free" exercise alternative.

In addition, Ms. Stolove continues to work as a dance instructor and performance coach. She particularly loves working with kids pursuing musical theatre. She also has helped countless people with their relationship to food, eating, self-concept and their body image. Ms. Stolove teaches her eating management style guiding people to a healthier relationship towards food, fun, and their self image.

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I don’t teach dance, I teach people to dance!
I don’t just teach tap, I teach tap dancing!

I teach how posture changes mood, confidence and more…
I teach life lessons from a mind, body connection through the discipline of dance.





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