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Cardio Aerobic Workout

  Imagine getting an aerobic workout, burning calories, and toning your muscles while 

On Your Seat or On Your Feet! 

Our Aerobic Chair Dancing® programs are fun for all ages and great for people new to exercise.
Choose to sit or stand.  
Sitting down to exercise provides a convenient, safe, and an effective way to increase your heart rate and burn calories.
Chair Workouts are a comfortable alternative when you want to give your knees, hips and feet a rest.

Strength Training


Strengthen your muscles from the comfort of your chair


Sit or Stand for Express Toning

• Stimulates Bone Growth • Improves Posture • Decreases Body Fat • Improves Balance & Mobility  



Sit Or Stand For Express Toning $14.95


Stretching, Flexibility & Relaxation 


Stretching & Relaxation From the Comfort of Your Chair


Magic Totes, Books, Apparel



Special Package #3              Special Package Offer #1             Special Package Offer #2

Special Package #3 $52.00                                    Special Package #1 $31.00                        Special Package #2 $52.00



1 lb. set of Slimbells $12.95 



2 lb. Set Of Slimbells $14.95


3lb. set of Slimbells $16.95

4lb. set of Slimbells

4lb. set of Slimbells $19.95



1, 2, and 3lb. set of Slimbells  $39.95


Downloadable Audio Files


Download Now and Workout Today!

For those times you are away from your television set, or computer.
You want to exercise and need just a little guidance.
Audio only Programs feature music and voice instruction.
Also available on a custom audio CD!





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