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High Blood Pressure and Diabetes improve with help of Chair Workout *

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Before                                After

I combined Jodi's Chair Dancing seated workouts with a very sensible diet, and by doing so I lost weight. My blood pressure dropped, my blood sugar levels were so low for such an extended period of time I was able to give up my medication all together. My attitude and happy quotient were elevated as I enjoyed my minimum 5 days a week routine of chair exercises with Jodi. I needed to have my knee replaced but was so over weight that it posed a danger of death due to blood clots. I wanted to exercise because diet alone sure won't do it, and finding Chair Dancing gave me the possibility of helping myself achieve my goals; which I did with an A+. I share my story as often as possible so that people with restrictions, who are unable to exercise in a traditional way, will find out that they too can be helped. My daughter, a registered dietitian and diabetic instructor, gave me the information to order Chair Dancing. Prior to that, I had absolutely no idea there was such a program available and I am sure there are other people who don't know and will be as happy to find out about Chair Dancing as I was, am and will continue to be. I owe a lot to Chair Dancing and Jodi for developing such an easy to follow and fun to do exercise program.


Thank you,
JoAnn H. Smoker

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*Disclaimer: This disclaimer states there is no guarantee of specific results and each person results may vary.

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