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Low impact Aerobics Exercise for Weight Loss*

Dear Chair Dancing Fitness,

This program is absolutely awesome. I have tried umpteen different exercise programs. Sure I would see results -- minor results but only after a couple of MONTHS. Very hard to get motivated with such a slow show. Even joined Curves for a short spell and yeah I got some results -- after a while.  I found Jodi's Sit Down and Tone Up while googling low impact exercises -- and one of the Success Stories (Ann Heywood) truly helped make my decision to purchase -- she started on this volume and I thought if she got results - perhaps I could too.

I am 34 years old and started the program on 11/27/11 weighing in at 361.8 pounds - I did my measurements too because I know you cannot rely solely on the scale because muscle is more dense than fat. I wanted to do a session every day but as Jodi's tips say don't beat yourself up if you cannot achieve your unrealistic goals. Something is better than nothing. So it is Christmas Eve and I have done eleven sessions with Sit Down and Tone up I am actually proud of my progress and I have lost inches off my body and about several pounds!! And this is without going crazy with trying to diet on top of it. I just do my best with the food available and try to listen to my body when it says I am full even though sometimes my tastebuds say -- one more bite.

And for the FIRST time EVER I have results of toning in my upper thighs, upper abdomen, sides, backs of my arm, my actual back and my derriere.



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 *Disclaimer: This disclaimer states there is no guarantee of specific results and each person results may vary.

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