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Exercise While Recovering from Surgery

A group of Chair Dancers, at a Senior Center, in Washington state.

The class consists of several people recovering from accidents and surgery.  Most are seniors, but the young man is a car accident victim.  He was in a coma 4 months and lost the use of his legs for several years.  He is improving and loves the class with the ladies.  It is part of his weekly therapy, and he enjoys the music even if he can’t move his legs correctly. He is walking with a walker now.

Another lady (in the pink pants) had surgery on her shoulder and couldn’t move  it after surgery, as though it was frozen.  She claims this class has helped her the most, and she has regained movement almost 100%.  She is faithful to come twice a week, a makes a serious effort in her exercising.  

I enjoy the social time with happy people.  Especially  the opportunity to let people who would love to be up on their feet  dancing feel like they still can, even seated on a chair.  

Thanks for these great programs.  I use the CDs and lead the class.  Seated second from the far left in blue.

Sincerely, Cristine


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*Disclaimer: This disclaimer states there is no guarantee of specific results and each person results may vary.

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