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No More Aches & Pains! Chair Dancing from my Wheel Chair for a Happy Life!*

Hi Jodi,
I recently emailed you stating my brother purchased me the Fitness Essentials 3 DVD Set that you showed on the QVC channel (Life's A Celebration, Simply Stretch and Sit Down & Tone Up...Encore) and I then asked you about your Yoga DVD, which I now also have. I just wanted to tell you that your chair exercise DVD's have changed my life. My attitude is more positive, feeling better all around and not having the aches and pains that I have had for years.  I am a disabled person who cannot walk and uses an electric wheelchair to get around. My husband is my caregiver.  I actually want to do the Chair Workouts each day. The best part of you creating these exercise DVDs is that my husband has noticed a change in me with being more upbeat even though I am disabled.  When I am exercising with your DVD's I feel almost like a whole person again and not a person limited to being disabled and having to be in a wheelchair all day.  As you can see from my picture below.  I have my fans with me. My doggies Bear and Buddy.
Thank you again for changing my life for the better...  Karen Z. 


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 *Disclaimer: This disclaimer states there is no guarantee of specific results and each person results may vary.

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