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Stress Busters Ideal for the Office


Stress is a physiological effect all people encounter at some point. Suffering from too much stress has been proven to cause all sorts of health problems, including an increased risk from life-threatening diseases. This is why it’s imperative that you keep your stress levels at a minimum. Some people tend to consider stress management as something that isn’t particularly important. 

But health experts agree that there are steps to deal with stress, which don’t eat up a lot of time. Here are some stress busters that you can try out even at home or at your workstation in the office.

Exercise on the spot

Exercise is one of the most underrated stress busters, and we previously explained why in our article Exercise And Stress: Get Moving To Manage Stress. Chair dancing is an on-the-spot fitness exercise that you can do at home or at the office. While seated, you can do simple movements such as stretching or more complex poses like yoga. We’ve also previously answered a common questions - Why Should I Sit on a Chair to Exercise? As opposed to conventional exercises, chair exercises have additional benefits and can even be therapeutic for some individuals.

Keep the body fluids flowing

You might think that not drinking enough water doesn’t impact you that much, but according to a study highlighted by Natural Living Ideas, mild dehydration or just 1.5% loss in normal water volume in the body can be seriously detrimental. And if this is compounded with stress, your wellbeing can potentially spiral out of control. As such, it’s vital to ensure you have a steady flow of fluids in your body at all times.

It’s called ‘beauty rest’ for a reason

A good sleep is another secret to beating stress. In fact, napping at noon during work days are encouraged by numerous experts and the Telegraph even reported that the habit can aid in preventing high blood pressure and heart attacks. At home, the familiar ‘8 hours of sleep at the least’ is advised. For those with sleeping problems, various Tips for Better Sleep have been shared on the site over the years.

Take a timeout to play some games

Taking a brief timeout to play some games has also been proven to help lower stress levels. In a detailed study published by Research Gate, a relationship between video games and wellbeing was discussed and it was found that video games “contribute to young people’s emotional, social and psychological wellbeing.” These facets are all targeted by stress, and by engaging in video games, you can avoid such a risk.

Casual games are recommended given that they don’t take too much time or concentration, which is ideal to allow the mind to relax. Gotta Be Mobile listed numerous titles that could help you unwind and pass the time at work, while innovation platform Spin Genie has begun integrating its commercially licensed games with social media channels to give players a community-based gaming experience that they can play with friends. The feel-good environments that these casual games are creating for players is in an attempt to help users wind down and forget about their stressful work commitments.

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