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Great Exercise For Octogenarian And Family!*

It's nearly impossible to find an exercise routine for one individual, let alone an octogenarian with rheumatism and a short attention span, a septuagenarian with Fibromyalgia and a quadragenarian with degenerative diseases.

Although we could all benefit from any type of exercise, low impact and core strengthening are a must for us.

We were so fortunate to see Chair Dancing Fitness (Chair Yoga and Sit Down and Tone Up) on QVC. We are so happy with the 2-pack from QVC and eager to try Jodi's other programs.

We now save the money we were spending on gym memberships, and we go at our own pace in our own space.

These DVD's have been a wonderful addition to our daily activities and have greatly improved our quality of life.


The Gonzalez Family

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 *Disclaimer: This disclaimer states there is no guarantee of specific results and each person results may vary.

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