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Knee Injury Rehabilitation Exercises - Build Strength while Recovering *

Dear Jodi,

We wish to thank you for being so brilliant as to design a class which answers so many problems. My husband joins me when we have our class at home. It's so nice to see familiar faces when we choose a convenient time of day to “get young”

We are, and have been, active adults who developed problems as we matured. Due to tennis knees, my husband found this level of activity suits him very well.

I personally have recovered from double knee surgery. The doctor was not too happy to perform surgery on both knees at the same time. Persistence won and my friends now call me Wonder Woman.

We have shared our enthusiasm with many of our friends and actually many of them are thinking and moving to your tempo.

The calendar tells me we are senior citizens at age 83 and 80, we just don't feel it.

Keep up the good work!!!

Our very best to you,
Betty & Monte


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