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Rehearsals are both fun and frustrating!

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The making of our 2 new DVDs takes many weeks of rehearsals.  What a great and very committed group of people.  We show all ages, shapes and sizes that this is an exercise program for them!    From 26 year old Pilar to 66 year old Beverly and 90 year "young" Olive ... watch and listen to get inspired!                  

26 year old model, actress and fitness instructor Pilar gets quite a workout during rehearsal.
90 year old Olive has been Chair Dancing for over 20 years!
Nurse Educator Beverly can't stop raving about Chair Dancing. Such a great way to exercise!

Rehearsals, Set Design, Finishing Touches

We start practicing with two rehearsals per week. We sure got fit and sometimes frustrated while mastering each routine, starting out on our left side.

At the same time, the set design and construction begins. Check out the picture below.

I always talk about the synchronicity of the universe - which led to finding our last cast member (our "Silver Fox") with only 10 days before the shoot! Jorge did such a great job!

- Jodi

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Sit or Stand for Express Toning Latin, Soul, and Rock 'n Roll

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