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Healthy Eating...via gardening!


A little while ago I posted a blog about healthy eating and how I love carrots as a healthy snack. We love getting feedback from our customers and our community, now imagine my joy when I got a lovely email from one of our followers! 

Winston found himself thinking about our video on healthy snacking and decided to share a great resource with me. For those of us with less than a green thumb, gardening seems like a daunting task. But this resource makes growing your own herbs seem so easy! Herbs add such great tastes to dishes without sacrificing nutritional value, they're even healthy for you. 

I love the idea of growing herbs myself instead of purchasing them at the grocery store. That way, I can cut only what I need for what I'm making and not worry about any going to waste. Growing them yourself can save you money too! 

Do you garden? Have any tips for us? Email us!

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