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Inspire Fitness Today's Review highlights exercising with COPD


5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent choice for a DVD for seated chair exercises


Dallee "Dallee"

This review is from: Chair Dancing Fitness: Sit Down & Tone Up Encore (DVD)

Jodi Stolove has an extended history as an exercise expert in the chair dancing / seated exercise arena. This "Encore" DVD is particularly appealing because, as a recent effort, it is visually contemporary with a bright, modern feel.

The exercises are effective, but not so difficult that you would feel defeated by them. They are very well selected, working all areas of the body, and you will definitely feel their positive impact.

I've looked at a number of seated exercise / chair dancing DVDs and this one is at the top of the quality list!

If you have COPD or asthma, you would do yourself a great deal of good by combining this "Encore" DVD with a DVD focusing on improving breathing -- with the best recognized one in that category being "Functional Fitness: COPD & Asthma with Suzanne Andrews"Functional Fitness COPD & AsthmaFunctional Fitness: COPD & Asthma with Suzanne AndrewsFunctional Fitness COPD & Asthma-- there are several purchase choices for that video on Amazon.

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