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The Making of Latin, Soul and Rock n Roll - Choreography First!

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June 2016:

My fabulous composer, Mike Barnett, was hired by Disney and thus was temporarily unavailable to write the music for Latin, Soul and Rock n Roll. My approach was to choreograph each routine and wait for his availability.

I mapped out each routine- letting Mike know how many counts for each phrase of movement and the feel I was looking for in the music and cues to change. When you do these routines please listen for how the music truly tells you what to do.

Listen for how each section of movement fits the sound and beat. For example, when we make splashing bubbles in the "jacuzzi" the music is right on cue!
Matching the music to the moves
32 counts of bubbly Jacuzzi music!
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Sit or Stand for Express Toning Latin, Soul, and Rock 'n Roll

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