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The Story Begins in 1984 With An Unfortunate Break!

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The Story:

In 1984, age 26, I was a dance and fitness instructor and happily living my passion for dance and exercise every single day. An unfortunate landing, while I was teaching a dance fitness class, caused a broken foot that had me in a non weight bearing cast for 12 weeks. I was unable to teach my classes standing up so I took to sitting in a chair and continued my instruction. To my delight, I found I was getting great exercise and keeping my body and mind active and happy! This was the beginning of my journey towards the creation of Chair Dancing® Fitness.

My injury and "misfortune" turned into an idea that has given the gift of fitness to hundreds of thousands of people.

Mission Statement:

Our company's goal is to give the opportunity to people with psychological resistance or physical limitations an easy and efficient way to accomplish life changing healthful exercise with our Chair Aerobics, Chair Weightlifting, and Chair Yoga.

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