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MP3 The Answer is Not in the Refrigerator Download


Product Description

A live lecture, eating behavior worksheet, and reminder refrigerator magnet. Featuring Jodi's sensible approach to eating management, seasoned with her humor and anecdotal teaching style. You'll learn to become a conscious eater, aware of your satiation point, and lose weight without becoming food-obsessive. With this program, you can enjoy all foods (just not all at once!) and discover you can shed pounds without dieting.

 Excerpt of this motivational program

Jodi's Students say:

"Jodi's approach of psychologically equalizing all foods gave me the freedom of having food become a non-issue"!

"The single most important point of her lecture, is the gem she repeats over and over; 'You can have it all you just can't have it all right now' Listen to her lecture and this statement will echo wisely in your mind."

"If you can't attend her live lectures, this is the next best thing! If you've had the opportunity to hear her live, you need this tape to keep you motivated."


With new mindful approach to food, you may shed pounds without dieting.  


  • Change your thinking to stay motivated
  • Change your relationship to food
  • Change your weight forever!  


Learn to:


  • Recognize signals of hunger and fullness
  • Approach food as a friend to take pleasure in, rather than enemy to conquer
  • Become a conscious and discriminating eater
  • How to experience more joy from less food
  • Learn how to stop a binge


Learn how: 


  • To eat to satisfy your nutritional needs, as well as your desires for specific taste and texture    
  • Choose quality over quantity  
  • To eat less, embracing the philosophy of Less is More!


 Learn how to:


  • Avoid Deprivation, because when you deprive yourself of food you lose control and want it/need more to satisfy the deprivation you created.
  • To avoid eating to compensate for loneliness, to cope with anger, as a social activity, to swallow feelings, to release tension, as a vacation, as procrastination
  • Find self care in ways that don’t add calories!

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