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Go to sleep with a positive "I AM" affirmation... Wake up with a positive "I AM" affirmation...

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Mediation with Positive Affirmations - For anytime re-charging and relaxation – Our Mediation with Positive Affirmations from Latin, Soul and Rock ‘n Roll DVD 

To calm your mind and body and create positive energy I will guide you in relaxation and self affirmations. As you hear and repeat certain positive affirmations you may feel they are not presently fitting… Say and feel them with intention – they will activate thoughts that will make you feel good and move you closer to your goals.

After you enjoy this couple of minutes of guided relaxation with self Affirmations you will feel energized and empowered.

Allow your body to relax into a comfortable position- you may relax in a chair, on a mat, on your couch, or in your bed. Close your eyes, and visualize a calm safe place- focus on your breath gently flowing in and out- taking deep and cleansing breaths taking deep and relaxing breaths

As you focus on your breath create a clear mind- at peace

In your mind’s eye see the words as I say them to penetrate your mind and body.

I am healthy

I am energetic

I am resilient

I am worthy

I am filled with love

I am filled with abundance

I am filled with self-worth

I am filled with gratitude

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