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Knee Replacement Surgery and Chair Dancing Fitness


I received a wonderful letter from a customer today!

Karen wrote to tell us her story and thank us for our great programs....

After having both knees replaced and two eye surgeries, exercise had become increasingly difficult for Karen.  She saw our QVC two-pack of DVDs and ordered them, hoping to ease her way back into an exercise routine.  Turns out she LOVED the two Programs; Sit Down and Tone Up Encore and Chair Yoga, and couldn't wait to order more!

Today I sent out her order of 2 new DVDs, and I can only hope they inspire and motivate her as much as the first two!

It means so much to us to hear from our Customers, making a difference in people's lives is what makes Chair Dancing Fitness a special company!!!  

Let Karen be an inspiration to you today.  Exercise is for everyone!  Sit and Be Fit, you can do it!

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