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Just for YOU - More Motivation to Exercise for the Health of It!

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Just for YOU - More Motivation to Exercise for the Health of It!

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Chair Exercise 

Friends of Chair Dancing Inspire Others to Sit and Be Fit!

Dolores and Faye are big fans of Chair Dancing!  They love our programs so much that at the ages of 82 and 84, they lead a group Chair Dancing class three times per week!!!  They have about 60 people in total that rotate through and some of them are over 90 years old.Dolores and Faye's [...]

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Exercise: The Miracle Cure-All?

I have always said that Exercise is the closest thing we have, as humans, to a fountain of youth, so I was so happy to read a recent article in IDEA Fitness Journal claiming exercise to be a "Cure-All."Professors at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in the United Kingdom have labeled exercise a miracle [...]

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Knee Replacement Surgery and Chair Dancing Fitness

I received a wonderful letter from a customer today!Karen wrote to tell us her story and thank us for our great programs....After having both knees replaced and two eye surgeries, exercise had become increasingly difficult for Karen.  She saw our QVC two-pack of DVDs and ordered them, hoping to ease her way back into an [...]

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Salina's Caller of the Week!

I haven't had a caller of the week in a while, and I thought it was a great time to bring it back!I didn't exactly speak to this customer on the phone, but we emailed and I just have to brag about her!  What a smart, savvy, inspirational woman!Ethel had made a few online orders, [...]

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Inspiring Fitness- QVC Customer says Sit Down and Tone Up is a Must Have for MS.

As we get ready to go back on QVC next week another great review of our programs was just posted on the QVC website!  Customer reviews and results are why Chair Dancing Fitness stays happily in business after all these years!!!  Looking forward to next week's on air appearance and hoping to reach many more [...]

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INSPIRING FITNESS! This week's review is for everyone!

Great work out video for anyoneMy 5 year old daughter and I love working out to this video because it is fun and a good way to get a different kind of work out. It is a great motivator for people with any kind of disability or hardship. I have severe asthma and find this video to be [...]

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