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Salina's Caller of the Week!

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I haven't had a caller of the week in a while, and I thought it was a great time to bring it back!

I didn't exactly speak to this customer on the phone, but we emailed and I just have to brag about her!  What a smart, savvy, inspirational woman!

Ethel had made a few online orders, and I recognized her name when it came through on an order for Chair Yoga last week.  I looked further into her order and found an email address on file, so i decided to drop her a quick note.

Ethel wrote back quickly and told me that she is 89 years old and she exercise almost every single day!!!  

She has pain in her knees and can no longer exercise or dance standing up, so she uses our programs, and Chair Dances for Fitness!  She owns 8 in total and says she's thankful for this great alternative we provide!  

I couldn't wait to send Ethel a Chair Dancing T-shirt along with her order of Chair Yoga, and I look forward to hearing how she likes it!!

Thanks for the support of our products Ethel, and your kind words.  Hope we can keep you dancing for many years to come!

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