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Exercise- A Way to Clean and Soothe the Inside of Your Body with a "Shower"

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I heard a medical doctor describe the benefits of exercise in this way. How motivating, right?

I'd like to share a great article to get everyone inspired to  "shower" at least once each day!  https://blog.bufferapp.com/why-exercising-makes-us-happier

People often ask "Why should I sit in a chair to exercise?" Read on to hear the real answer!

Have you ever entered a class or a gym and found you were overwhelmingly intimidated?  I have too.Of course, I do enjoy exercising or dancing standing up!  So, when people ask me why should I take a seat for my workout I answer with...Sitting down releases one from feeling self conscience in their movements. No [...]

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MOVE IT! RIGHT IN YOUR CHAIR! People can stave off developing diabetes by adopting a healthier diet and increasing PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, experts say.

Rates of diabetes have increased more than 175 percent nationally since 1980, according to federal data. It’s now the seventh-leading cause of death in California.The UCLA researchers used data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey to create a model that predicts pre-diabetes, based on factors such as race, height and weight. That model [...]

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Chair Yoga - it's easy and a great way to stretch your body!

I read a great article in the newspaper today about the benefits of Yoga!My Chair Yoga DVD is very popular this year, so i thought I would sum up what the article lists as benefits:Improved muscle tone and flexibility with little (or no) impact on the jointsBetter balance (preventing falls)Taking joints through a full range of motion [...]

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Inspiring Fitness! This week's review is from a QVC customer with arthritis...

   "Just received and tried this dvd 2 pack and really enjoyed both workouts. Neither is long, tone up dvd is about 23 minutes and yoga was just over half hour. You got a great workout from both and can't believe what you can do from a chair. I have severe arthritis on my right side (hip & [...]

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INSPIRING FITNESS! This week's review is for everyone!

Great work out video for anyoneMy 5 year old daughter and I love working out to this video because it is fun and a good way to get a different kind of work out. It is a great motivator for people with any kind of disability or hardship. I have severe asthma and find this video to be [...]

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