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What snack do you crave post workout?

What do you eat before a workout so you're not left feeling too full? What do you crave post workout? Making healthy snacking choices can be fun, convenient and more importantly... delicious! Spark People put out a nice one pager with 55 healthy snacks under 200 calories that caught my eye, because Chair Dancers often ask me what [...]

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Exercise: The Miracle Cure-All?

I have always said that Exercise is the closest thing we have, as humans, to a fountain of youth, so I was so happy to read a recent article in IDEA Fitness Journal claiming exercise to be a "Cure-All."Professors at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in the United Kingdom have labeled exercise a miracle [...]

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San Diego Diabetes Convention

Being involved in conventions with Taking Control of Your Diabetes is always so rewarding.Last Saturday at the San Diego Convention Center, we visited with old friends and made new friends.We danced in our chairs for almost 3 hours!  Chair Dancing Fitness really has the power to change lives and our group always has such fun [...]

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