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Exercise: The Miracle Cure-All?


I have always said that Exercise is the closest thing we have, as humans, to a fountain of youth, so I was so happy to read a recent article in IDEA Fitness Journal claiming exercise to be a "Cure-All."

Professors at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in the United Kingdom have labeled exercise a miracle cure, in a recently released report titled Exercise: The Miracle Cure and the Role of the Doctor in Promoting It.  The goal of this report is to provide doctors with the tools they need to help promote exercise to their patients, but a call to action to the fitness industry is also important.

Providing Diversity in Activity, and alternatives for all people of all abilities is crucial to maintaining a healthy population.

Preventative Care, Worksite Wellness, and fitness are all topics I am very passionate about.  With Chair Dancing® Fitness I try my best to reach an underserved population and spread the message that exercise id for everyone and the benefits are endless!

Here are just a few interesting statistics from the above mentioned report:

90% improvement in self esteem

25-53% reduction in pain among osteoarthritis patients

57% lower rate of prostate cancer progression

30-50% reduction in risk of falls among older adults

50-80% reduction in risk of developing type 2 diabetes

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