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Over 50 and getting back into exercise

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Just right for getting back into exercise

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" I am over 50 and have been working a lot of overtime at a desk job the past several years and have let my exercising fall by the wayside (gotta keep the boss happy, right?). So things have finally slowed down at work so I wanted to start back into exercising without risking injury. Having a job sitting all day and being over 50, of course the weight came on so I am dealing with an extra 30 pounds that I wasn't dealing with when I was working out in my mid-40's.

These two DVDs are perfect. With adding light hand weights, I feel like I am getting a good work out of my core, arms, back, and legs. Granted, it is not overly aerobic exercise, but my goal is to get my muscle strength back up enough so that I can do more aerobic types movements using some of my other equipment without the risk of injury. These workouts are exactly what I needed. Thanks for making work out videos for those of us with some years and pounds on us. And thanks for including people that look like me in the work out videos. "

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