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A New Lease on Life from Exercising the Chair Dancing® Fitness Way!

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Thank you, Susan in Washington for inspiring others with your review.

"The 'Dancing Through the Decades' DVD has made a real difference in my life.  Suffering from severe arthritis, in both knees and hips (with a new right hip), I need to exercise, but it is very hard to do many things.

This DVD has been a God-send for me!  At first I could only do about 10-15 minutes, now I am able to do the entire DVD!  I feel so much better when I am done.  My flexibility is greatly improved and my energy level is up.  I also am sleeping better at night.  It is an important part of my exercise routine now and that is why I am anxious to receive other Chair Dancing DVDs.

Jodi, you are such a great instructor and I love the music and truly feel like a member of your class.  Besides offering inspiration and motivation, I just have fun when I do your DVD.  I wish we could have 'Chair Dancing Classes' in our area.  Thanks again for all you do to help people such as myself to move and get a new lease on life!

God bless,
Susan F." 

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