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Choose Self Care and Exercise Even When You Are Busy

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As we approach this extra busy time of year we have the gift of choice. Be good to yourself and choose self care which includes exercise and relaxation.

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A New Lease on Life from Exercising the Chair Dancing® Fitness Way!

Thank you, Susan in Washington for inspiring others with your review."The 'Dancing Through the Decades' DVD has made a real difference in my life.  Suffering from severe arthritis, in both knees and hips (with a new right hip), I need to exercise, but it is very hard to do many things.This DVD has been a [...]

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EXERCISE for a Healthy Brain!

To maintain a healthy brain as you age it's helpful to get good sleep, eat a healthy diet, stay socially and intellectually active, and EXERCISE!Aerobic activity such as Walking, Swimming, Chair Dancing®, or anything else that gets your body moving and your heart rate up are especially beneficial to keeping your brain healthy.Even better news [...]

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