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Chair Fitness and Seated Exercise - For Your Health!

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Chair Fitness and Seated Exercise - The Fountain of Youth

We sit too much. As I am sitting at my computer and I writing this, I am still doing desk chair abdominal toning exercises by doing swimming type flutter kicks!  Really I am!   I say, do chair exercises in any chair, any where! Keeping your blood flowing, circulating oxygen rich blood feels good!  Get ideas now from our Exercise at Your Desk Free Workouts.  http://www.chairdancing.com/worksite-wellness/  Our chair workout provides an exercise solution, addressing the many people who sit for hours at their computer. Each seated fitness DVD features a DVD menu with 5-minute (or less) exercise breaks suitable for doing right in a computer (office) chair!

Got A Minute
Take Two
Time For Three

Take one, two, or three minutes during your day to re-energize, stretch, and tone while at your desk.

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