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Chair Fitness and Seated Exercise - For Your Health!

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Chair Fitness and Seated Exercise - The Fountain of Youth

We sit too much. As I am sitting at my computer and I writing this, I am still doing desk chair abdominal toning exercises by doing swimming type flutter kicks!  Really I am!   I say, do chair exercises in any chair, any where! Keeping your blood flowing, circulating oxygen rich blood feels good!  Get ideas now from our Exercise at Your Desk Free Workouts.  Our chair workout provides an exercise solution, addressing the many people who sit for hours at their computer. Each seated fitness DVD features a DVD menu with 5-minute (or less) exercise breaks suitable for doing right in a computer (office) chair!

Got A Minute
Take Two
Time For Three

Take one, two, or three minutes during your day to re-energize, stretch, and tone while at your desk.

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