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RELIEVE STRESS AT YOUR DESK Free 3 minute tension and stress relief program to use at work or home

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Free 3 minute tension and stress relief program to use at work or home

 Do you sit for an extended amount of time hunched over your computer? Do you experience tension in your neck and shoulders? Leaning forward, while we sit at our computer, can cause rounded shoulders and poor posture, resulting in neck and back pain.

Jodi Stolove, 58, creator and fitness expert, shows how to reduce tension and stress in your neck and shoulders in just 3 minutes of doing Chair Dancing® Fitness Chair Yoga. Performing our Chair Yoga moves, will greatly reduce and control your unwanted tension and pain. Why not take a break right now and let your stress melt away?

Sit for 60 and move for 3! Stretching and increasing circulation, several times throughout your work day, is beneficial to your body and good for your work productivity. Your whole body will feel and look better.

Visit our website www.chairdancingfitness.com and follow a couple of our Chair Yoga exercises. By releasing tension and pain, you will feel energized and ready to get back to your work! Your body (and boss) will thank you!

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