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Has the Winter Chill Gotten You Down? Stay Warm and Fit This Winter with Fun Indoor Exercise

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Has the winter chill gotten you down? Stay Warm and Fit This Winter with Fun Indoor Exercise

No reason to develop a case of cabin fever.

Aerobics And Strength Training As Simple As Sitting

Indoor seated exercise offers comfortable alternative to stay fit and avoid the winter blues. Exercise it away. Fitness expert and the creator of Chair Dancing® Fitness, Jodi Stolove, 60, shows how with a “couch potato friendly” workout that burns calories, improves muscle tone, and increases flexibility all done while seated.

"It's a gentle, but an active alternative to traditional exercise," explains Stolove. “The reason it works is that people do it! The DVDs combine fun and fitness with music while offering a comprehensive and efficient chair workout. Chair Dancing® Fitness programs are geared primarily to those who are intimidated by exercise programs that expect them to jump around," Stolove says. "My programs are ideal for those with a bum knee, a twinge of arthritis, or when the weather demands indoor exercise, as they offer a way toget into shape in a convenient, non-intimidating, fun way."

People stuck at their computer all day long can also benefit from the five minute segments each DVD provides. “It’s really helpful to learn moves to loosen up and get your blood flowing, in any shoes or clothing, without ever getting up from your chair.” Whether you wish to stretch and relax, strengthen specific muscles or get your heart rate up getting oxygen circulating throughout your body, the option is available from any chair anywhere.  

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