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Lose Weight: Cardio Aerobics or Lifting Weights? My Answer...

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I personally, at the age of 59 years (young) know that having muscle keeps me fit and trim. Oh yes, I love to dance and walk for my aerobic exercise, but staying lean and strong is key.

"Scientific research has shown that strength training increases metabolism--a key to permanent weight loss--by as much as 15 percent."

5 minutes of lifting hand weights is easy and effective. Thank you for taking a look at our Express Toning:

This total body strengthening program lets you tone, firm and shape your muscles – safely seated or while standing. Using hand held weights work your arms, shoulders, back and abdominals – and improve balance, flexibility, bone density and posture while burning calories. Practice just three times a week, choosing a 5-minute targeted workout or the entire 20-minute session – and see results in no time.

Lift weights - Feel and Look Better and Younger 

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