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What snack do you crave post workout?

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What do you eat before a workout so you're not left feeling too full? What do you crave post workout? 

Making healthy snacking choices can be fun, convenient and more importantly... delicious! Spark People put out a nice one pager with 55 healthy snacks under 200 calories that caught my eye, because Chair Dancers often ask me what I love to snack on.

I love making it Granola, sharing it and eating it! Granola- organic brown sugar and maple syrup- some flax oil and lots of healthy protein packed NUTS! I keep granola in the panty for a quick grab snack, and it also makes a nice healthy gift for friends. 

Eating small healthy snacks through out the day, along with a daily workout, help keep blood glucose levels. Awareness of your diet and exercise is essential for everyone.

Share your healthy snack tips, we'd love to hear from you!

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