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Choreographing begins with... Express Toning

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The Making of Chair Dancing Fitness's Newest Programs

Jodi choreographing in the studio
January 2016: I begin creating what became Express Toning. I am motivated to move whenever I hear Earth, Wind and Fire music. Mike and I work together to create “Sound-a-like” upbeat songs for our Express Toning program. As you enjoy the program, listen for the familiar sound of one of my favorite groups.

I listen to the music over and over again, planning moves and patterns to fit the rhythmical beat. The goal to target, tone, and strengthen each muscle group and to do so in an appealing and efficient way. My challenge included being able to do the exact moves whether sitting or standing. I also concentrated on “compound” movement to give more effective time saving ways to accomplish a total body express workout.

Keep an eye out for Part 3!

- Jodi Stolove
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Sit or Stand for Express Toning Latin, Soul, and Rock 'n Roll

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