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Better Sleep, more energy- try these tips

Today I want to talk about something very real and relevant to all of us...SLEEP. Our lives get so busy, we end up caught in a trap where we aren't taking care of ourselves and feel exhausted and oh so sleepy throughout the day.  I thought I'd let you know how I take care of [...]

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We were so excited to meet Dick Van Dyke‬ today at the San Diego ‪Aging Summit‬ 2016

We were so excited to meet Dick Van Dyke‬ today at the San Diego ‪Aging Summit‬ 2016. We even got a signed copy of his book ‪Keep Moving‬Check out our 30 seconds on the ABC 10news KGTV! Tap shoes make a great clapping sound!Use coupon DICKVANDYKE for free shipping today. 

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Quick Workout Anytime Anywhere... Even while you heat up your cup of coffee?

Set yourself up to win. Begin making exercise a part of your life by setting small, attainable exercise goals. A goal such as, "1 hour of exercise first thing everyday" is too big of a goal. It is unrealistic and unattainable and therefore, self-defeating. Set smaller goals. It is always better to exceed your goal [...]

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7 Day Posture Challenge

So many people loved our video about posture, we decided to start a challenge. 7 days to feeling better with a better posture. Join us, post a pic, and tag us!

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5 Ways Changing Your Posture and Increasing your Core Strength will Improve Your Life!

One of my favorite topics, POSTURE, will improve your exercise habits and your daily living.Here are 5 ways posture improvement and increasing your core strength will change your life!1. Look thinner: Look like you took of 5 pounds improving your posture. 2. Look younger: Look 5 years [...]

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Do you have an aching neck, shoulders and back?

Jodi Stolove's Healthy Living Series - Tip 1Here at ‪#‎ChairDancingFitness‬, we get a lot of questions about everything from healthy eating to exercise tips. That's why we've launched our Q&A series with ‪#‎JodiStolove‬! Today's question is about posture in a technological age. Send us your questions, we can't wait to answer! ‪#‎SmartphoneSlump #‎SmartphoneSlouch‬ ‪#‎CellphoneSlump‬‪ #‎CellPhoneSlouch‬‪ #‎ExerciseForEveryone‬‪ #‎WorksiteWellness‬‪ [...]

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​Need a ‘No Excuse’ Approach To Exercise?

Jodi Stolove, MSMFN Industry ExpertWhat do the following items have in common?Alarm, Sunscreen, Exercise, Notes, Medication, Advice…The answer is that they only work if you use them. Now if you are using an alarm you would insist that it has a mechanism that operates, whether it needs batteries or a wind-up. For sunscreen [...]

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What snack do you crave post workout?

What do you eat before a workout so you're not left feeling too full? What do you crave post workout? Making healthy snacking choices can be fun, convenient and more importantly... delicious! Spark People put out a nice one pager with 55 healthy snacks under 200 calories that caught my eye, because Chair Dancers often ask me what [...]

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People often ask "Why should I sit in a chair to exercise?" Read on to hear the real answer!

Have you ever entered a class or a gym and found you were overwhelmingly intimidated?  I have too.Of course, I do enjoy exercising or dancing standing up!  So, when people ask me why should I take a seat for my workout I answer with...Sitting down releases one from feeling self conscience in their movements. No [...]

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