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I can ease some exercising into my busy life!

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I have watched each DVD separately, attempted a few of the exercises on the films and came with the final verdict. I really think these will do wonders for me and my family. We do a lot of online work, always constantly on a chair of some sort, so these are going to benefit us greatly. Being able to do some exercises while sitting, is going to be perfect for my busy schedule because with the amount of time I spend working online and doing online classes, I hardly have any time to workout. But with these DVDs, the sitting one especially, I can ease some exercising into my busy life. I'm grateful for these DVDS and I plan to keep them in my daily workout routine!



My two DVD's from Jodi Stolove's Chair Dancing Fitness shipped to me the other day. I got Sit or Stand for express toning & Latin Soul and Rock N Roll.

-Sit or Stand for Express Toning:

Short on time? Need to ease into exercise?

Do a 5 minute targeted toning routine.

20 minutes a day 3 times a week for noticeable results!

-5 minute workouts to:

Firm, Tone and Shape your Muscles

Stimulate Bone Growth

Improve Posture

Decrease Body Fat

Improve Balance and Mobility

-Latin Soul & Rock N Roll:

See how you can increase the intensity of your workout by “Dancing with Paper Plates” or “Dancing with Weights"

Tone muscles

Burn calories & Fat

Improve flexibility

Stimulate your brain


greater endurance & energy

improved circulation

reduction of stress

uplifted mood

This flexible program of exercise can accommodate a variety of ages & fitness levels.

Have fun exercising whether you are on your seat or on your feet.

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