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I mean it! You saved my life!


I received my Chair Dancing 1 and 2 lb weights and I just love them!! I have arthritis in my hands and the flat weights are so much easier for me to hold. Even resting them on my thighs when doing knee lifts are easier. And the colors are great. I got pink ones. 

I am an obese 70 year old woman who must lose weight in order to live longer. I was fortunate to find Jodi Stolove’s Chair Dancing® programs and bought most of them on Amazon Prime and have them available on my fire stick for use everyday. 

My favorite is Celebration and I do that almost every morning. I believe Jodi Stolove has saved my life by making exercise something I can do and enjoy. So ride the surf and stir!!!

If standing during exercise is an issue her exercise routines are a must... you’ll never frown over exercising again!!

I mean it! You saved my life.



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