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Jodi Stolove’s Chair Dancing® Fitness Class FREE on Zoom and FB Live

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Jodi Stolove’s Chair Dancing® Fitness Class FREE on Zoom and FB Live

Jodi’s tri-weekly Chair Dancing® Fitness classes bring a symmetry, and organization to my life. I plan my days around it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The charm of these exercise sessions is Jodi, herself. She is bubbly, fun, upbeat, encouraging, optimistic, and funny in a cute, quirky kind of way. The music is easy to listen to, energetic, and never jarring. Jodi choreographs each dance/exercise routine utilizing a variety of steps. She always demonstrates them at the beginning before starting the music, which makes them easier to follow, from the start. They last as long as the song, which is less than five minutes each, and she includes around five routines of various moves, per exercise session. There are only eight repetitions at a time, so you can’t get bored doing a routine. The combination of routines changes every Monday. Often she has a theme for the week.

The exercise sessions include stretching, cardio, muscle building, relaxation, massage and meditation. I feel more relaxed and calm after these sessions, which has been a real help for me during this pandemic.

She fosters a sense of community among the class members. Every day, at the beginning of her class, she greets all of her online members who are there on zoom. She has learned their names and where they are from. It’s an international group including people from all over the US and Canada. Jodi brings us together at the end of class with a group discussion about a weekly topic she has chosen for 146 weeks.


For me, Jodi has created a feeling in less than an hour, three days a week that I am not alone. Each of us is going through something, world wide, but we are not isolated. She encourages all of us to take care of ourselves, and our wellness, with exercise and healthy eating. Jodi has created a delightful weekly newsletter, recapping our discussions, providing a “Did You Know” section, and a reveal of the following week’s class discussion topic. She also includes healthy and delicious recipes and other health tips.

Jodi Stolove’s online Chair Dancing® Fitness Classes has truly provided an anchor for me during this difficult time.

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