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Real Fitness for Real People - Not Just the Already Fit

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Excellent workout, well worth the money.

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Before I bought this program I did some research to seek out the opinions of those who had followed any of the Chair Dancing programs. Oddly enough, the only negative opinions were from those who had NOT tried the workout - those who had tried the programs loved them, including nurses and physical therapists. Those who want to laugh at the idea of getting your heart pumping while seated can go right ahead, I'm sure those laughs will burn off a half calorie or so. Meanwhile, those of us who have been left out of other exercise routines due to physical considerations can quietly go on to stretching, toning, losing body fat and getting that great after-workout tingle.

Jodi Stolove has an incredibly physique, that's for sure, but her manner is calm, friendly and straightforward, none of this "hey, you can look like me if you REALLY work hard" that some instructors seem to radiate in waves. Her movements are fluid, unhurried and easy to follow. Emphasis is given to form, especially supporting the back with the abdominal muscles. She reminds you with each routine which muscle group you should feel being gently exercised. Breathing, stretching after exercising a muscle group, relaxation and a positive attitude make this program relaxing and actually kind of fun.

There is a great variety in the people exercising with Jodi, plus size and diminutive, male and female, younger and older. Some people work with weights, some do not. Slight variations based on muscle strength or physical consideration are shown in an inset, as are the occasional finer points of an exercise (such as "drop your shoulders and bring up your chest" being illustrated for proper posture).

No stress is placed on knees or ankles, so if your idea of hell is doing a set of knee bends while gazing at a woman in a size 0 leotard, you'll enjoy this program! No attitude, no straining, just a sensible workout.

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