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Worksite Wellness by Chair Dancing® Fitness- 
Take one, two, or three minutes during your day to re-energize, stretch, and tone while at your desk.

Our chair workout provides an exercise solution, addressing the many people who sit for hours at their computer. Each seated fitness DVD features a DVD menu with 5- minute (or less) exercise breaks suitable for doing righ in an office chair! By starting with a few minutes a day... you can see benefits... Check out our Success Stories. 


I've Got a Minute

 I'll Take Two

Yes! Time For Three

Quick Shoulder Toning
from More Sit Down and Tone Up

 Improve Abdominal Strength and posture 
with Chair Yoga
 Total body workout with Tango Toning!
from Around The World Program

Working your core,  and abdominals with Core Joy!
from Sit Down and Tone Up Encore!

 Exercise your legs, even while seated at your desk!
from Sit Down and Tone Up!

Aerobic dance, get your heartrate up with the Hand Jive.
from Chair Dancing Through The Decades!

 Relax your body and mind with the seated Warrior Pose.
from Chair Yoga

 Relax your back and tone your core with knee hugs. 
from Simply Stretch

Surf's Up! Enjoy a fun dance routine while burning calories!       Life's A Celebration

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