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What would you say to someone who feels totally unmotivated to exercise?

On a feeling level, remember your sense of accomplishment and how you feel physically and psychology after exercise. Give yourself permission to do just a few minutes and look forward to exceeding your goal once you get going. Putting on our DVDs, listening to the great music and seeing the smiling faces is quite motivating [...]

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A prescription for physical activity could be a valuable piece in a doctor's toolkit

A research study from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, finds that both high and low intensity physical activity can help offset a genetic predisposition to developing depression. Doctors should emphasize exercise! A prescription for physical activity could be a valuable piece in a doctor's toolkit — not just for all patients, as everyone can [...]

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Jodi Stolove's Sit Down & Tone Up is a discovery in technicolor!

Sit Down & Tone UpDear Jodi,I’m so taken by your composition of Chair Dance, Sit Down & Tone Up. I loved your choice of music- flamenco etc. There is so much lightness plus I would call it “life giving” spirit on the over all composition. I say if you’re going to do [...]

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 Star Review from another Happy Chair Dancer!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 Star Review from another Happy Chair Dancer!Just right for getting back into exercise"I am over 50 and have been working a lot of overtime at a desk job the past several years and have let my exercising fall by the wayside (gotta keep the boss happy, right?). So things have finally slowed down at [...]

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The Ease of Effective Exercise - Chair Dancing® Fitness - Exercise Made Easy!

I discovered your work (and the EASE and effectiveness of exercising from a chair), I had never exercised in my life. I disliked exercise intensely, but with your program I was able to dare myself to see what I could accomplish. Now, besides your approach, I water aerobics 5 days a week and [...]

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​Wonderful Weight-loss help from AARP Fitness Coach - An interview with Jodi Stolove

Wonderful Weight-loss help from AARP Fitness Coach - An interview with Jodi StoloveAn Innovative Approach to the Sitting Epidemic: Chairish Your HealthUnless you are employed in landscaping, agriculture, construction, fishing or manufacturing, chances are good that you are sitting in front of a computer for eight hours a day . On average, American employees [...]

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The Answer is Not in The Refrigerator- Thank You, Terri, for the wonderful review

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Hi Jodi, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed (and needed) your lecture series, “The Answer is Not in the Refrigerator”. I have watched two segments today and took notes. I got to my goal a month before the pandemic and have put on some weight these last two years. Stress eating is my [...]

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Stay in Shape, While You Heal

I am grateful for Michelle's email and wanted to share her note of gratitude.  She is having foot surgery (again!) and is so pleased to have Chair Dancing Fitness programs to keep her happy and fit during her healing and recovery."You provide a wonderful and joyful impact. For people who enjoy exercise, it is sooooo difficult [...]

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A Riddle? What Only Works If You Use It?

Question: What do the following items have in common?alarmsunscreen exercisenotesmedicationadviceThe answer is that they only work if you use them. Now if you are using an alarm you would insist that it has a mechanism that operates, whether it needs batteries or a wind-up. For sunscreen it must have SPF. For notes, [...]

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