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The choices we make affect who we are and how we live

Staying strong physically and psychologically is a decision and daily effort. The choices we make affect who we are and how we live. Make great choices today! And as I always recommend take time for YOU! Enjoy EXERCISE and feeling your strength and competence. Self Love = Self CareSenior wellness, Age in place fitness, Anti-Aging [...]

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5 Ways Changing Your Posture and Increasing Your Core Strength Will Improve Your Life and Boost Your Happiness!

Improve mood: Not only can standing and sitting with good posture make you feel more confident and powerful, it can also boost your happiness.5 Ways Changing Your Posture And Increasing Your Core Strength Will Improve Your Life!One of my favorite topics, POSTURE, will improve your exercise habits and your daily living.Here are 5 ways posture [...]

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Be A Thermostat! Then You Can Set The Temperature!

Oh yes! My favorite way of saying this is, "are you a thermometer or a thermostat?" Get it?Senior wellness, Age in place fitness, Anti-Aging Workout, Home fitness, Chair Fitness, Chair aerobics, Menopause exercise, Chair exercise, Senior Chair fitness, , Obesity exercise, Exercise at home, Strong At Sixty ExerciseWeight loss exercise at home, Senior exercise at [...]

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Be Active, Be Healthy, Be Happy - Don't Let The Scale Define You

I was a compulsive weight checker for all of my life.  Then, many years ago my scale needed a new battery.  It was old and I was older and wiser.  I decided to throw away the scale and haven't weighed myself since.  Wait!  Different spelling and meaning... I do care about my body and health [...]

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Take Care of Your Joints -Lose Fat, Strengthen and Tone Muscle

Strengthening your muscles and losing fat are protective of your joints. Self Love = Self Care

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Craving Exercise! Yes!!

Sharing a letter that brightened my day! May I brighten yours? ☀️Dear Jodi,I have been doing your Simply Stretch and Chair Yoga every day. You start to crave it to start your day! Just wanted to say thanks for the uplifting!Keep dancing stretching laughing...Senior wellness, Age in place fitness, Anti-Aging Workout, Home fitness, [...]

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Sharing an Interesting Study about ​Cardio Versus Strength Training for Weight Loss for Overweight or Obese Adults

Cardio Versus Strength TrainingA study out of Duke University compared aerobic exercise, resistance exercise, and a combination of the two in a group of overweight or obese adults (2). For weight loss alone, the study found that the best results in terms of pounds lost comes from aerobic exercise.However, the weight loss from the participants [...]

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Fun and Exercise Can Go Together!

Latin, Soul and Rock n Roll - Aerobic Exercise On Your Seat or On Your Feet!  Sit or Stand for Express ToningA great package that combines a shorter strength training experience using hand weights with a longer, really fun aerobic dancing experience! Great for every age - especially good for people with limited space [...]

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Too Cold to Exercise Outdoors? Stay Inside and Do IT

Donna in Rhode Island is cold and indoors too much. Her weight is creeping up and she is determined to lose it! She has committed to doing aerobics and strength training each day.

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