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What snack do you crave post workout?

What do you eat before a workout so you're not left feeling too full? What do you crave post workout? Making healthy snacking choices can be fun, convenient and more importantly... delicious! Spark People put out a nice one pager with 55 healthy snacks under 200 calories that caught my eye, because Chair Dancers often ask me what [...]

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People often ask "Why should I sit in a chair to exercise?" Read on to hear the real answer!

Have you ever entered a class or a gym and found you were overwhelmingly intimidated?  I have too.Of course, I do enjoy exercising or dancing standing up!  So, when people ask me why should I take a seat for my workout I answer with...Sitting down releases one from feeling self conscience in their movements. No [...]

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Got A Minute? Your Health Needs This!

Question: What do the following items have in common?alarmsunscreen exercisenotesmedicationadviceThe answer is that they only work if you use them. Now if you are using an alarm you would insist that it has a mechanism that operates, whether it needs batteries or a wind-up. For sunscreen it must have SPF. For notes, they only work [...]

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MOVE IT! RIGHT IN YOUR CHAIR! People can stave off developing diabetes by adopting a healthier diet and increasing PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, experts say.

Rates of diabetes have increased more than 175 percent nationally since 1980, according to federal data. It’s now the seventh-leading cause of death in California.The UCLA researchers used data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey to create a model that predicts pre-diabetes, based on factors such as race, height and weight. That model [...]

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Chair Yoga - it's easy and a great way to stretch your body!

I read a great article in the newspaper today about the benefits of Yoga!My Chair Yoga DVD is very popular this year, so i thought I would sum up what the article lists as benefits:Improved muscle tone and flexibility with little (or no) impact on the jointsBetter balance (preventing falls)Taking joints through a full range of motion [...]

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​Imagine Getting A Complete Workout Without Ever Getting Up From Your Chair!

“No more excuses! Ideal for those with a bum knee, a twinge of arthritis, or for those who simply want to workout at home when the weather demands indoor exercise, or take an energizer break in their office. Whether you wish to burn calories by getting your heart rate up, strengthen and tone specific muscles, or stretch and relax, these [...]

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Muscle vs Fat - No Comparison!

Because muscle tissue takes up less space than the same weight of fat, active people look thinner than their sedentary counterpart who weigh the same. So even if you do not lose any weight, exercise will make you trimmer. Seeing this photo always makes me want to pick up my hand weights and do some a [...]

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How Do You Find Inspiration, or Inspire Others? Share your ideas!

Do just five minutes of exercise at a time. This small step is a huge step towards becoming more fit and feeling better physically and emotionally. Start with small ‘bite size’ pieces. - Jodi

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and The Winner Is...

Set yourself up to win. Begin making exercise a part of your life by setting small, attainable exercise goals. A goal such as, "1 hour of exercise first thing everyday" is too big of a goal. It is unrealistic and unattainable and therefore, self-defeating. Set smaller goals. It is always better to exceed your goal [...]

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